Elephant Decor

One of the most popular decor themes at the moment is elephants. Elephants have always been a fan favourite among girls as they are cute despite their size. There are a massive amount of options when it comes to decorating your home with elephant themes. You can start by checking out some of the cool elephant things over at amazon. 

One thing I highly recommend you do is either create an African or Indian theme depending on the type of elephant on your tapestry. If you go African try get some tribal style decor items and put them around the place. If you go indian get some cool drums and stuff like that to place around. When it comes to choosing the tapestry you should check out these cool elephant tapestries. There is a large range of different styles and themes to choose from so pick out the one you like the best!  

You can also try using elephant wall prints and art. If a tapestry is a bit too big, or you just want something a bit more modest this is a great choice. You will find a massive variety of wall prints and cool elephant stuff you can use around the the house over at etsy.

The video below shows just how amazing these animals are! They really are worthy of being on a big tapestry in your house.